Wurst & Coldcuts

We hand-make most of the products you see in this showcase. What’s more, we do it the old-fashioned way:
NO MSG, NO fillers, and NO unnatural preservatives.


Below are pictures of the showcase split into the Left and Right so that you can see them better.

Left Side


Right Side


And once you walk in, you are greated by
Landjäger, Solinger, Bierkügeln, Cervalats, Mettwurst, Kielbase
and even smoked Ham Bones!


Also called Veal Loaf. A deli loaf baked fresh every morning. Eat on a sandwich or take home and fry!
Smoked, dried beef sausages. Like a jerky. Great as a snack.
Smoked, dried pork sausages. Eat cold as a snack, heat up with sauerkraut or add to soup.
Smoked Cheeses
We smoke our own American, Cheddar, Mozzarella and Swiss Cheeses.
Fleisch Salat
A ham salad of our own special recipe. Ideal for open-faced sandwiches.
Smoked Salmon
Fresh Salmon smoked and ready for a light, delicious snack.

Enjoy our Deli SandwichesHome-Made Soup and Store-Made Hot Dogs from the Roaster!

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